Can't Beat The TRAIN




Eighth record on eTRAINmusic album "Imagination Of Mr. Malo".


Artist: E-TRAIN
Album: Imagination Of Mr. Malo (2013)
Song: Can’t Beat The TRAIN (3:17)
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"Slicker than a raincoat...

Chorus: E-TRAIN

What’s my name?
You just can’t beat the Train
No matter what you got in your hood
I aint’ gon’ be afraid
Imma come back straight pitching the kush
You just cant beat the Train
No matter what you got in your hood
I aint gon’ be afraid
Ima come back straight pitching the kush

Verse One: E-TRAIN

Make it hot
I’m fly but the land like acre plots
When the anchor drops the tail stay tipping
The pale faced tail of the Trail Blaze pimpin’
Flip it
Y’all need to be real
He’s trill
Floating my motion is three wheels
23 singles and no sweet deals
I been running it and how my feet feel
Is similar to a gorilla in green fields
The villainous riding with killers that need meals
The silhouettes hiding like ninja’s with neat steel
Feeling it I been sealing the street deals
…I’m a break it down, I’m a break it down


Verse: E-TRAIN

All white G5 ice cream truck
Get nooky in them cookie dough ice cream guts… “damn”
No looking, I’m booking
On the e-way slick
No need for intro’s
Its E-TRAIN kid
And I’m propped on tires and flowing for a fee
So Billy Squire that I’m opening for Queen
Growing as a writer, been pro since I was teen
I been popping, I been locking
Now I Move Like A Machine
Clones in the game
Thinking they rock like this
And the fact is
They don’t know hip-hop like this
I rock polo tops
Skipping in the hottest kicks
Kids at Ralph Lauren trying to cop my shit
What’s my name?

Chorus (x3)


released December 18, 2016



all rights reserved


E-TRAIN Los Angeles, California

*** R.I.P. ROX :: November 10th ***

Chicago-bred LA-based rapper/producer/designer Erich E- TRAIN Malo mother ROXANE died November 10th -- same day as E-TRAIN's inspiration Kanye's mother, DONDA.

Sophomore E-TRAIN album IMAGINATION OF MR. MALO latest single DOGTOWN just released!

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