BEAUTY is featured on sophomore E-TRAIN album 'IMAGINATION OF MR. MALO' now available on iTunes!


Take an introspective trip into the mind of the LA via Chicago rapper E-TRAIN as he dissects his thoughts onto the paper over this emotive slow-driving beat. --by HillyDilly

It's not often that you get a hip hop artist to not only practice, but impress with the less is more technique. E-TRAIN, with this track off of his latest The Imagination of Mr. Malo, uses vocals and subdued drums and synths to weave this tune's wonderful story. It is one of those tracks that you get something more or different out of with each and every listen, which is a wonderful trait for any tune. E-TRAIN has always been one to tell a story with his lyrics and providing excellent production and beats to boot. There is never any let up with E-TRAIN and this track is no different. The album it is off of is the same bangin', yet deeper than most, fare that we've all come to expect from this talented MC, producer and all around good dude. -by TheWaxhole

Beauty by Chicago-born rapper E-Train is the perfect intro to your Sunday chillout session. "And if ever I could go back, I would treat every minute like it was a slow dance." Perfect words to live by. Treat every moment like you're savoring the feeling of someone's hands on your shoulders. It's your time to shine, you slow dancing queen. -by MusicBetweenFriends

Stay up..


Artist: E-TRAIN
Album: Imagination Of Mr. Malo (2013)
Song: Beauty (3:28)

Chorus: E-TRAIN

Verse One: E-TRAIN

Everyday I wake up
I'm just trying to get my cake up
What is it that makes us scramble in the system
For position and a pay stub
Never will it end though
Its coming back ten told
I'm nice with the pencil
Crushing on this paper but I'm caught up in the friend zone
Who'd want to be crowded by cameras
So Hollywood I'm surrounded my actors
Yo we need laughter
Please can we laugh let the green come after
I wish that I had known that
Everything we wanted was just everything we don't have
And if ever I could go back
I would treat every minute like it was a slow dance
Chorus: E-TRAIN

Verse Two: E-TRAIN

I got to switch the ink up
Break it down everything I think up
Wave it round maybe I could change us
Write another story that's got everything that they want
Will it be enough though?
Will it be as pretty if you're sitting in the front row?
If this was my one show -
Could I paint a picture under pressure and of one goal?
I'm something of a mad hatter
Looking for an Alice as I'm climbing up this sad latter
I'm a take a stab at it
This is an obsession
Tell me beauty is a bad habit
The world keeps spinning though
And I'm a keep getting doe
Cause I can't let it go
Word to the edit no pause in the metronome


released January 30, 2013



all rights reserved


E-TRAIN Los Angeles, California

*** R.I.P. ROX :: November 10th ***

Chicago-bred LA-based rapper/producer/designer Erich E- TRAIN Malo mother ROXANE died November 10th -- same day as E-TRAIN's inspiration Kanye's mother, DONDA.

Sophomore E-TRAIN album IMAGINATION OF MR. MALO latest single DOGTOWN just released!

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